/Studier i stads- och kommunhistoria; 31

EAUH Conference 2006 / Introduction

The Eighth International Conference on Urban History organised by The Institute of Urban History in Stockholm took place in the building Aula Magna at Stockholm University 30 August - 2 September 2006.

Responsible for this series of international urban history conferences is The European Association for Urban History.

The eighth conference included like the previous ones three categories of sessions, main sessions (10 papers), specialist sessions (5 papers) and round tables (10 papers).

The great interest for the Stockholm conference was notable already from the first announcement in 2004 and has remained so throughout the years. Of about 120 incoming proposals for sessions 60 (20 main, 38 specialist and 2 round tables) were selected for the final programme. Some sessions were withdrawn in the last minute but anyway 57 sessions were finally organised.

The call for papers got also a very good response, and about 400 proposals were accepted. Most of the accepted proposals for papers resulted in complete papers. All material, about 300 papers, delivered to us was transferred to pdf-files and made available online at the homepage of the Association, www.eauh.org.

The number of registered participants amounted to slightly over 500, and they represented no less than 36 countries and all continents except Australia. Besides the scholarly part of the conference, the participants were offered a rich social programme including receptions given by The City of Stockholm and at Stockholm University, guided city tours, visits at archives and museums, and a boat trip alternatively a bus trip. After the end of the conference the participants were invited to attend an excursion by bus to Sala Silver Mine.

In this CD-ROM edition you will find 186 of the papers presented at the Stockholm conference, opening and closing lectures included. If a conference paper is not included here, this means that the author did not wish to have the paper published. The copyright is held by the individual author.

Stockholm in February 2007

Lars Nilsson

Professor of Urban History
President of EAUH 2004-2006

Papers presented at the Eighth International Conference on Urban History, Stockholm 2006
30 August - 2 September 2006 Stockholm, Sweden

Edited by Lars Nilsson
Studier i stads- och kommunhistoria; 31
ISBN: 91-88882-28-4
Stockholm 2007
Price: 180 SEK


The CD includes papers presented at Eight International Conference on Urban Hisory. If a paper presented at the conference is not included in the CD-ROM, this means that the author did not wish to have the paper published.