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The Post-Industrial City:
Challenges and Responses since 1950


The Post-Industrial City:

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12–14 November 2008

Workshop at Stockholm University, Sweden.
The Post-Industrial City: Urban challenges and responses since 1950.

Financed by: Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils for the Humanities and the Social Sciences.

  Tuesday 11 November
  19.00 Dinner
  Wednesday 12 November
  10-11.00 The European Urban System, 1950-2000 / Lars Nilsson
  11-12.15 Urban Competition and the construction of 'Urban Identity' in Denmark, 1950-2000 / Sören Bitsch Christensen
  12.30 Lunch at Fakultetsklubben
  13.45-15 The Formation of  the Urban Agglomeration of Athens, 1950-2000 / Eugenia Bournova
  15.30-16.15 The rebuilding of the Galician urban network, 1950-2000 / José Maria Cardesin
  1900 Dinner
  Thursday 13 November
  9.30-10.45 The livable city: Amsterdam, 1950-2000 / Harm Kaal
  11-12.15  Global challenges and threats, Helsinki and Stockholm after 1950 / Marjaana Niemi
  12.30 Lunch
  13.45-15 Urban Development in Sweden, 1950-2005 / Lars Nilsson
  15.30-16.15 Lisbon’s growth and industrialisation, 1950-1975 / Magda Pinheiro
  19.00 Dinner
  Friday 14 November
  9.30-10.45 The post-industrial urban system of Norway  / Ola Svein Stugu
  11-12.15 Forthcoming conference in Utrecht and other business
  12.30 Lunch; end of workshop


7 August 2009

World Economic History Congress 2009, Utrecht, the Netherlands. 

Re-inventing the European City: Challenges and Responses since 1950 (Organiser Lars Nilsson)


13–16 April 2010

European Social Science History Conference, Ghent, Belgium.

1–4 September 2010

European Association for Urban History, Ghent, Belgium.

Globalisation and Urban Development in the Local Context (Organisers: Lars Nilsson and Linus Bellander)

The livable city: the politics of concepts and indicators
(Organisers: Harm Kaal and Rolf Hugoson)

The Interplay of Global, National and Local in the City since 1800 (Organisers: Marjaana Niemi and Ruth May)

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