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ruta Sten-Sture Landström in memorial, former chair of the Urban History board (in Swedish).

ruta 13th International Conference on Urban History. Helsinki, August 24–27 2016: The call for session proposals is open until March 1, 2015.

ruta Nordic Local History Symposium, The Nordic Welfare City of the 20th Century, Aarhus Nov 4–6 2015. Call for papers is open until March 1.

ruta The CEU Summer School: Cities and Science: Urban History and the History of Science in the Study of Early Modern and Modern Europe, Budapest, 29 June-4 July 2015. Application deadline: 14 February 2015.

ruta International conference: VII AISU Congress: Food and the City. Padova, 3–5 September 2015. Read more.

ruta Breakfast seminars on Urban History.

ruta International conference on Large parks in large cities, Stockholm September 4–6, 2015. Call for paper and sessions no later than Februari 1, 2015.

ruta Project: The Post-Industrial City: Challenges and Responses since 1950.





Nordiska lokalsamhällen
/Eds. Lars Nilsson och Mats Berglund
i möte med globaliseringen 1950–2010


redbox.gif The Coming of the Post-Industrial City
/Lars Nilsson (ed.) Challenges and Responses in
Western European Urban Development since 1950

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