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Besöksadress/Street address

Universitetsvägen 10 D, plan 8. Frescati, Stockholms universitet.

Taxi till Stockholms universitet, Universitetsvägen 10 D i Frescati. Eller åk kommunalt med tunnelbanan från Centralstationen mot Mörby centrum. Stig av efter ca 10 minuter vid Universitetet. Gå mot Södra huset. Buss 40 går från tunnelbanestationerna: Hornstull, Fridhemsplan och Odenplan. Åk i riktning mot Stora Lappkärrsberget/Stora skuggan. Gå av vid Universitetet södra. Gå mot Södra huset. Stads- och kommunhistoriska institutet finns i hus D på plan 8.

Universitetsvägen 10 D, floor 8. Frescati, Stockholm university.

Taxi from airport:

If taking a taxi from Arlanda airport, tell the driver that you want to go to Stockholm University at Frescati (not downtown, but to Frescati which is a little bit outside of the city center). The address is:
Universitetsvägen 10, D-building, 8th floor.
The university buildings which house the institute are a series of blue buildings (called "Södra huset") lettered from A to F. We are in D building. Your taxi should drive past, and parallel to, the large parking area and drive up behind the blue buildings and let you off at the back at the entrance to D. The entrance is at ground level but is in fact on the 2nd floor (there is a floor beneath the ground also). You can either take the stairs all the way up to the eighth floor or go down the hall until you get to the elevators and come up by elevator. If there are any problems for any reason, just enter the building anywhere and walk until you come to building D since all the buildings are interconnected.

By subway train:

" Tunnelbana" or "T-bana" means subway train (tube). "T-Centralen" is the main central subway station. All trains go through here. Take the subway train headed for "Mörby Centrum". Get off at the stop "Universitetet" (takes about 10 mins.). There is only one exit, take the escalator up and go out of the building. Go up the stairs in front of the building and continue straight ahead, keeping to the path that verges slightly to the right (but do not go sharp right at the stairs). Continue along the pathway until you see several blue buildings on your right. These are the South buildings (Södra huset). The Institute of Urban History is at floor 8 in "D" building which is located at the main entrance of the South buidlings.


From Roslagstull, continue north along E3 (Roslagsvägen). After about 2 kilometers you will see a gas station (Statoil) on your right. Take turn-off to the right, direction "Universitetet" (Fiskartorpsvägen). Parking space is available straight ahead in front of the blue buildings. A fee is charged, (tickets can be purchased in the machines available) and tickets must be placed conspicuously in your car window.

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