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EAUH Conference 2006

Excursion Sala Silver Mine

Sunday 3 September excursion to Sala silver mine (not included in the registration fee, an additional cost of 350 SEK, se Registration).

Over long periods, the Sala Silver Mine was Sweden's biggest producer of silver, and was even one of Europe's most important during some periods. Silver was used mainly for minting coins.

Its value to the country made the mine known as "Gustav Vasa's Treasury" and "The Realm's Finest Jewel".

The mine had two separate golden epochs. The first of these was in the early 16th century and the second in the mid-17th century.

During the 19th century, the mining of lead and zinc was considered to be more valuable. Today, the Sala Silver Mine is still one of the country's foremost treasuries — in terms of culture and experiences.


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